Lam-Solutions New Ideas and Products
New Ideas and Products

Luggage Tag - This unique product can be utilized to tag up to six pieces of luggage. Special adhesives applied to each strip enable the bellman to wrap each strip around the handle. Each strip is consecutively numbered on two sides for easy identification. Like many other fine products from L.A.M., this tag may be customized to meet the special requirements of any hotel.

L.A.M. offers a complete line of cardbooks and cardholders
& ID cards that can be designed to meet your specifications


Plastic Keys and Smart Cards - A comlete line of stock and custom keys is now available. L.A.M. is proud to offer both magnetic stripe keys and smart cards. L.A.M. key cards are compatible with all hotel guestroom locking systems.

Telephone Faceplates - A complete line of plastic and paper faceplates for all types of phone systems is now available!

Key Card Holder

The 3 in 1 Key Card Holder
3 ways to increase your profits

To stay competitive in today's environment hotels need to increase efficiency in all areas of operation. There isn't a better place to start than at the front desk. This is where your property has the opportunity to create a positive first impression with your guest.

Sending a guest on his way quickly and efficiently is the sign of a well organized front desk. The right panel on our key card holder allows you to accomplish just that. Many of the hotels use this area to print important instructions.

Not many guests like to stand in line at the front desk waiting to check out. This is why we utilize the back panel as an express check out system. All your guest has to do is fill out the form, insert the key and drop the express check out form in your express check out box.

One of the best ways to increase profits in your restaurant is to offer the guest a complimentary cocktail. You can utilize the left panel of the 3 in 1 key card holder as a coupon. This eliminates the need to print separate coupons.

A great addition to a key card holder is the guest comment card. Placing a comment card in the hands of the guests motivates them to fill it out producing the feed back that can be vital for enhanced customer service.

There are many variations of the 3 in 1 key card holder. We would be happy to assist you in designing one that meets your property's specific needs.

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